15-16 september Seminar ASME VIII

15-09-2016 - 16-09-2016
Brussel (Neder-over-Heembeek)

The BWI (Belgian Welding Institute), organises in co-operation with the standard antenna PED  a seminar ASME Section VIIIConcerning design, fabrication and certification of unfired pressure vessels and pressure components, the American code ASME VIII is used as a standard throughout the world. This code is one of the most advanced codes and is updated on a 2-yearly basis. The revisions are dictated by new technological developments. Hence the code constantly expects good engineering judgement in the application of all presented rules. The allowable stress levels and the engineering philosophy behind the use of division 1 is quite different from these used in division 2. It is the intention of this seminar to clarify these issues.

For whom?

Designers, Quality controllers, auditors, personnel of laboratories dealing with ASME code VIII.



ASME VIII Division 1

  •          ASME Code Section Hierarchy
  •          Scope Section VIII-1 / VIII-2 / VIII-3
  •          Code Structure
  •          Code Cases
  •          Code Errata
  •          ASME Certification
  •          Responsibilities
  •          Quality Control System
  •          Material
    •    Allowed materials
    •    ASME Section II Specification vs ASTM Specification
    •    Material Test Report
    •    Standard Parts
    •    Stress values
  •          Design
    •    Units of measurement
    •    Allowed Stresses
    •    Minimum Thicknesses
    •    Loadings
    •    Joint Efficiency Factors
    •    Nameplate marking
    •    Special Service
    •    Proof Testing
    •    Impact Testing
  •          Fabrication
    •    Tolerances
    •    Forming
    •    Postweld heat treatment
    •    Allowed weld types
    •    Procedure and Welders qualifications
    •    Welders ID
    •    Non Destructive Examination
  •          Inspection and Tests
  •          Marking and Reports
  •          Overpressure Protection
  •          Code Changes

ASME VIII Division 2

  •          Section VIII Division 2 change history
  •          Responsibilities and duties
    •    User Design Specification
    •    Manufacturers Design Report
    •    Registered Professional Engineer
    •    The Inspector
  •          Material Requirements
    •    Material Certification
    •    Allowable stress basis
    •    Material Certification
    •    Examination Requirements
  •          Design
    •    Design by Rule
    •    Design by Analysis
    •    Design by Analysis for Section VIII Division 1
    •    Protection against failure from cyclic loading
  •          Inspection and Examination Requirements
    •    NDE Techniques, Methods
    •    Qualifications
    •    Examination Groups
  •          Pressure Testing requirements


Location and price


  • This 2-days seminar takes place on 15 and 16 september 2016 from 09u00 till 17u30

 in the education rooms from the BWI, Antoon van Osslaan 1-4, 1120  Brussel.

  • Instructor: Tim Verresen (AIS/ANI) Authorized inspector for CIS
  • Language: English



- 700 € for members BWI

- 800 € for not members BWI

  • The invoice is send after registration and confirmation of participation.
  • This seminar can be partly funded with KMO-portefeuille

Approval number: DV.O102976

  • Annulation without costs is only possible until 1 week before the seminar: see ourgeneral terms and conditions
  • BWI remains the rights to cancel the seminar in case of not sufficient participants.

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For questions : contact Hilde Moens (hilde.moens@bil-ibs.be or 02/260 11 70)